* Get plenty of sleep the night before to prevent tired eyes

* Drink plenty of water in the days leading your photos to cleanse the body from inside out
and leave skin hydrated and looking and feeling it'’s best.

* Lightly exfoliate and heavily moisturize to keep skin from being dry or flaky. This includes face, body and your lips.

* Make sure nails (hands and feet) and eye brows are groomed. If waxing anything, have it done at least 2 days before photos
to prevent redness or irritation.

For Boudoir or PinUp:

* Wear a comfortable two-piece outfit that is easy to get in and out of and will not pull or tug at skin (leaving marks.) If you can, go without a bra.
Feel free to bring a robe to use for cover/warmth between wardrobe changes.

* If wearing stockings, bring extras (just in case)

* Bring 3- changes of wardrobe. Keep each wardrobe change in small separate bags to include any accessories
(i.e. In a plastic shopping bag or gallon size ziploc you can fit a bra, underwear, garter belt, stockings, and keep jewelry in a small separate ziploc baggie to prevent snagging onto clothing….) This will make your session efficient and leave more time for photos
and less time trying to hunt things down and put them together.

* Don’'t forget shoes!!. Bring your sexiest and most daring pairs ;)

* For more wardrobe ideas, contact me. :)